Meeting Minutes
Saint George Township HOA meeting
May 27, 2015
     HOA members:  Andrew Updegraff, Jerry Stephens, Mary Stephens, Jenise Taylor]
     Homeowners:  Seven homes were represented.

     President Andrew Updegraff began by welcoming those present and gave a short update on recent
activities including:
•        Updating the lighting system
•        Repair and use of the irrigation system
•        Removal of bushes and trees which were obscuring the view from the street
•        Implementation of a long term plan to restore turf that has been damaged by the previous landscape
•        Planned installation of new much
•        Update on current management provider
o        All but 3 homeowner dues have been collected
        1 house is currently under foreclosure
        2 homes have not responded to invoices and potential liens may be placed on those homes
o        Management fees have been kept at $125 per month.

A summary financial report was presented.
o        Current balance in the checking account is $9, 605
o        Major expenses for this fiscal year include:
o        Landscaping
o        Cobb County Water
o        GreyStone Power
o        Management
o        A detailed financial report will be printed on the website no later than June 15th.

Members were reminded that the best ways to contact the board include:
o        Personal contact
o        Website:
o        HOA phone line 770485-6260

     The meeting was then open for discussion and input from the audience.  Topics and actions include:
1.        The audience expressed concerns regarding the transparency and communication from the board.
1.        The board agreed to try to provide more frequent communications through website, Good Neighbor
and newsletters
2.        Will potentially schedule more meetings based on the recommendations from the Advisory
3.        Work more closely and help define the role of the Advisory Committee
2.        HOA enforcement of covenants:
1.        Discussion of letters, phone calls and personal visits conducted by board and management
2.        Commitment by board to conduct more drive thrus
3.        Encouragement of homeowners to become more active in encouraging other homeowners to comply
4.        Reminding homeowners of the way to contact the board through the phone line and website
5.        Discussion of how to strengthen covenants to be more specific and enforceable we well as the
difficulty in writing and passing covenants
3.        The homeowners present then expressed questions concerning rental properties in the township
1.        Pros and cons of rental properties
2.        Pros and cons of amendment addressing rental properties. (The board provided some guidelines from
other HOAS)
3.        Several questions were raised and the board and Advisory Committee agreed to work together on this
4.        A general discussion was help regarding a diminishing sense of community.
1.        The board agreed to work with the Advisory Committee to work together to try to increase
community participation

The meeting was adjourned at 8 PM by President Updegraff

Minutes submitted by:  Jenise Taylor